Love Sick!

Love Is A Wonderful, Beautiful, Terrible Thing: It’s All About How Well You Play The Game!

I’ll show you how to win. 



This is my current novel on love, sex, dating, fidelity, cheating, ex’s, breaking up, falling hard, falling out, erotica, youth, age, beauty, power, weakness and the entire kaleidoscope that is LOVE. 


Yes, Evidence is a novel but it reflects — and I provide advice on — the real life love issues everyone faces at one time or another and then faces them again and again. 

This is your source for guidance on

• Making someone fall for you (Yes, it can be done)

• What men and women really want from the opposite sex (the answers will surprise you) 

• How to move through the Tunnel Of Pain when your heart is broken 

• Surefire Clues that your lover is cheating 

• What to do when sex is blah

• Where love goes when it ends

• Why you can never win back a lost lover

• How to rid yourself of The Jealousy Curse

I wrote this book about love because everything related to love fascinates me. 

There’s this unique mashup of: Euphoria, Heartache, Joy, Adoration, Romance, Fidelity, Infidelity, Honesty, Dating, Sex, Deceit, Erotica.

All of these facets, emotions, trials and tribulations of love are woven through my novel, Evidence Of Love. 

But it goes well beyond that, serving as a reflection of your love life. The thrill of it. The roller coaster of it. The pains and the heat and the highs and the lows and the certainties and the suspicions and the questions. 

The thousand and one questions that you have when you’re:

•Trying to land a lover

•Fighting it out on dating sites

•Worrying that you’ll lose him

•Sensing that he’s cheating 

•Wondering if you can win him back

That’s why I’m here. That’s why I created DrLoveSyk. 

Ask me anything you want.

Make it in complete confidence. You’ll get one thing no one else will give you:

The straight, direct, undiluted, truth about how to win and what can and should be the glorious experience of love. 

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