Beauty is a dangerous thing!

What happens when a dazzling Malibu-raised redhead lands in Manhattan to launch the career of her dreams at Condé Nast?

What happens when she becomes romantically entangled with a prince of the city’s business elite?

When her mother, a world famous Hollywood cardiologist, is suddenly murdered?

When her prince’s wife has to be told she’s being discarded?

When her dead sibling suddenly emerges to haunt her?

When the dark past of her father’s sexual abuse comes to light?

When her sex partner from Stanford shows up in New York and winds up at the epicenter of a complex and frightening set of events?

Best-Selling author Mark Stevens, himself a New York millionaire businessman, tells the story only an insider with a keen understanding of power, lies, deceit, lust, ambition, youth, age and familial and corporate dysfunctionality, can tell the story with gripping, page-turning authority.

That’s exactly what he’s done with the new must read masterpiece, Evidence Of Love.


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